IIn 2009, George Shaghahsvili established his own company and brand in both Georgia and Denmark. George Shaghahsvili   has since then partaken in several showrooms and trade fairs in both Georgia and Denmark in the framework of Tbilisi Fashion Week and Copenhagen Fashion Week, and his collections have been sold widely in Georgia.  Since the brand was established, George Shaghashvili has held bi-annual shows in Tbilisi during the Tbilisi Fashion Week.

The brand has very fast established George Shaghashvili as one of Georgia’s best known and most distinctive contemporary Georgian Fashion Designers.

George Shaghashvili holds a BA and an MA degree from the State Academy of Arts, Tbilisi, both degrees with high distinctions as well as he finished Tbilisi Medical University as a Medical Doctor in Preventive Medicine.

Previously, in 1999, before his formal design education, George Shaghashvili won a price at the International Advantage Fashion Assembly in Tbilisi for the best avantgarde idea and realization of a 17 costume collection. In 2000, George Shaghashvili  was nominated as the best avantgarde designer of the year at the Tbilisi Fashion Festival (same collection as above).

Alongside the fashion collections, George Shaghashvili has held a number of personal art exhibitions and partaken in group exhibitions displaying both graphic and color art. Also George Shaghashvili has held positions in several committees with regards to fashion design nominations and modeling competitions.

Additionally, George Shaghashvili has worked as a lecturer for the GeoModel Agency teaching Fashion History and Modern Trends and is currently working as a Visiting Professor at the Tbilisi State Academy of Arts, where he lectures as well as counsels degree students towards final dissertation and/or exam shows.

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